Arrow are celebrating their 5th anniversery with a VERY special prize!

As part of Arrow’s 5th anniversary celebrations, you may know that they have teamed up with Zavvi for a series of limited edition steelbook re-issues.

What you may not know is what’s hidden inside one of them! Over to Arrow:

In one of these Limited Edition Steelbooks, Arrow Video will place a Golden Ticket, for which one lucky fan will win the entire Arrow Video back-catalogue and all upcoming 2014 titles (Where titles are still in-print).

Well if that’s not a reason to get your orders in I don’t know what is!

Here are the pre-order links. Some of these are currently sold out, some are not yet live. Keep an eye on our site and Twitter feed for the latest updates!

Pre-order: Day of The Dead
Pre-order: Phenomena
Pre-order: City of the Living Dead
Pre-order: Black Sunday
Pre-order: Inferno
Pre-order: Maniac Cop

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7 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Hi …can you please confirm for me as the INFERNO steelbook gone live and is sold out ? Any news on the PHENOMENA going live yet ? cheers

  2. admin says:

    Neither live yet. I’ll keep updated via the site and twitter

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