PRE-ORDERS BACK ONLINE & ARTWORK CONFIRMED – Marvel’s latest “Guardians of The Galaxy” is coming as a Zavvi exclusive Steelbook release

Zavvi are adding to their Marvel exclusive releases with Guardians of The Galaxy, the studio’s latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Extras are still TBC, but this release will include the 3D version of the movie.


Pre-order: Zavvi

guardians_1 guardians_2

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53 Responses

  1. Tiffany says:

    Hi – did I miss out on
    Zavvi guardians of the galaxy steel ?
    Superhero freak -here
    Can u please let me know if it is going live again and when .
    Also is US getting it ?
    Kevin is this your website ?

    • admin says:

      yes Guardians is now sold out. Zavvi normally free up a few more copies following cancellation nearer release time – we’ll post an update if that happens.

      No idea if there will be a US release, but Amazon Germany got a steelbook of Winter Soldier that used the same art as Zavvi’s, so they may do the same again with Guardians – again we’ll post if that happens. Marvel/Disney releases tend to be region free, so you should be safe buying the UK/German release if you get the chance.

      No-one called Kevin here 🙂

      • Elle says:

        About the region free thing,is there any way to check for sure if the US version will be unlocked or just region A?
        I just realized my player is only multizone for dvd’s, and already bought it on ebay…

  2. Dara says: have the same steel box design as Zavvi…Just pre-ordered mine, thanks for the tip!

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