Sci-fi classic “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” is getting a Zavvi exclusive 4K Steelbook release

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Zavvi are bringing us this new 4K steelbook release of the first Star Wars film, Episode IV – A New Hope, featuring the iconic original poster art. The release will include the film on 4K and Blu-ray disc, as well as bonus Blu-ray full of extras.

Pre-orders are due to go live at Zavvi on Thursday May 7th so ignore any ‘sold out’ notices before then.

They’ll be live around 9am UK time for Red Carpet subscribers (though possibly earlier, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed, just in case…), and around 12 noon for everyone else. Our Red Carpet links don’t work properly for some reason, so you may need to log in first, then click the link again. Once the Red Carpet period is up, the link will work fine.

And yes, we’re fully expecting all the films to get a release over the coming months, again using the original poster art, and we’ll keep you updated on the exact plans as we find out.

Pre-order: Zavvi

Young farm boy Luke Skywalker is thrust into a galaxy of adventure when he intercepts adistress call from the captive Princess Leia. The event launches him on a daring mission to rescue her from the clutched of Darth Vadar and the Evil Empire.

Blu-ray extras:

  • Filmmaker and Cast Audio Commentary
  • Cast and Crew Archival Audio Commentary

Bonus Disc:

  • Conversations: Creating A Universe
  • Discoveries From Inside: Weapons & The First Lightsaber
  • Anatomy Of A Dewback
  • Star Wars Launch Trailer
  • Archive Fly-Through
  • Tatooine Overview
  • Mark Hamill Interview
  • Anthony Daniels Interview
  • Aboard The Death Star Overview
  • Carrie Fisher Interview
  • The Battle of Yavin Overview
  • Tosche Station
  • Old Woman On Tatooine
  • Aunt Beru’s Blue Milk
  • The Search For R2-D2
  • Cantina Rough-Cut
  • Stormtrooper Search
  • Darth Vader Widens The Search
  • Alternate Biggs And Luke Reunion
  • Landspeeder Prototype Model
  • Millennium Falcon Prototype Model
  • R2-D2
  • Tatooine From Orbit Matte Painting
  • Jawa Costume
  • Tusken Raider Mask
  • Ketwol Mask
  • Death Star Prototype Model
  • Holo Chess Set
  • Bridge Power Trench Matte Painting
  • Luke’s Stormtrooper Torso
  • X-wing Fighter Model – Prototype
  • X-wing Fighter Model – Final
  • Y-wing Fighter Model – Prototype
  • Y-wing Fighter Model – Final
  • TIE Fighter Model – Prototype
  • TIE Fighter Model – Final
  • Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter Model
  • X-wing Pilot Costume with Helmet
  • Death Star Laser Tower Model
  • Yavin 4 Matte Painting


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64 Responses

  1. Adam Turner Adam Turner says:

    Is it just a new hope or are they releasing all the star war steelbooks in 4k

  2. Zavvi only or will Best Buy in America get them also?

  3. Damn, already got the 2015 steelbooks but this looks much better.

  4. I’m assuming it’s the maclunkey edition?

  5. Mike Traylen We have to get these! The artwork is amazing ?

  6. Andrew Jones says:

    Do you think they will re-release the existing 4K steelbooks so there is a matching set? I think it’s just episodes 8, 9 and Solo which already have 4K Steelbooks?

  7. For the time being could be only way to own the original trilogy without having to buy all 9 as a set.

  8. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    Duke Goodman. You guys getting anything like this?

  9. Zoe Bidwell Zoe Bidwell says:

    Sue Tunstall if wanted 4k versiob

  10. Andy Barbieri, Daz Arrowsmith, Mark Kopite, Jimmy Frankland

  11. Steelbook Blu Ray News any idea on what time this will be live to pre-order?ive been told midnight tonight?

  12. Do this include only the 4K version of the film?

  13. Caylee Sandwith love myself a Steelbook

  14. Adam Turner Adam Turner says:

    That’s the inside artwork

  15. Raif Rifat Raif Rifat says:

    Red carpet must have snapped them all up.

    It’s got sold out for me

  16. Well. It’s not over.

  17. It is not over yet. I was able preorder it today. When will it be out?

  18. Robert Deegan says:

    Any news about a non Steelbook 4K release ? Or a release date for this, or how they are going to stagger the Steelbook releases ?

  19. Carl Bentley Carl Bentley says:

    I’ve ordered, but what is the release date?

  20. Nigel Bullus says:

    This was sold out in 24 hours. Zavvi need to stop people buying more than 2 copies. Red Carpst subscribers are buying multiple copies and then flogging them on EBay for twice the price. Same happened with Jaws.

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