Meet The Collectors #20 – Nathan Boris

We’re back with another installment of Meet The Collectors, and today it’s the turn of Nathan Boris, who talks us through his collecting history.

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Over to Nathan…

How did you first get into steelbook collecting, and what was your first purchase?

It actually all started with VHS. We lived in a small country town with no neighbors, no cable, so I had to watch/do something. Id find videos at garage sales, waste all my allowance on them, beg for them for Christmas and birthdays. I think my first steelbook was the (Generation 1) Boondock Saints.

Do you have a favourite steelbook in your collection?

I think my all time favorite steelbook(s) in my collection are the Futureshop Exclusive Harry Potter 1-8 Set. This was actually the point where I said “steelbooks” are my new passion and collection. I’ve had a very large collection with steelbooks of my “favorite” movies only. Once i jumped off the ledge and purchased the Harry set, there was no turning back.

Would you ever buy a steelbook just for the art, if you didn’t like the movie?

This is a very interesting question. I never have personally purchased a steelbook just for the art. HOWEVER, I have purchased steelbooks for the fact that its a steelbook. Also, I have bought several variations of the same movie. Some exclusives are better looking than others, but it’s all preference based.

Conversely, would you buy a steelbook of a movie you love even if you hate the art?

This is a definite YES. In my opinion, if you’re collecting steelbooks, a steelbook (ugly or not) would still look better on your shelf rather than the plastic blue case.

What movie that doesn’t currently have a steelbook really deserves one?

Empire Records, Godfather III (this one really bugs me, they have the other two)

Do you store your collection neatly away, or is it all proudly on display?

My collection is PROUDLY on display. Just finished protective covering my steelbooks!

Do you collect anything else?

Aside from steelbooks, obviously DVD / TV Box Sets.

What do you family and friends think of your collection?

Most of my family and friends think my collection is crazy. They say i waste money on it. But i have a fairly well paying job, and its really the only hobby I have!


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