Classic thriller “Ronin” is getting new UK 4K Steelbook and Mediabook releases in April

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The fantastic Ronin is coming to 4K on April 1st with a choice of Steelbook and Mediabook editions.

PLEASE NOTE – The Steelbook is a 2-disc release, with the movie on 4K, and a Blu-ray bonus disc. The Medibook has 3 discs – the movie on 4K and Blu-ray, plus the Blu-ray bonus disc and a 24-page booklet.

Pre-orders are live now.


Strategy expert Sam (De Niro), mastermind Vincent (Reno), computer expert Gregor (Skarsgard), weapons specialist Spence (Bean) and driver Larry (Sudduth) form an international team of ex-secret agents hired by the mysterious Deirdre (McElhone) to attack a motorcade and steal a suitcase. The men know nothing about the contents of the suitcase, the identity of Deirdre’s backers, or the organization from which the suitcase is to be stolen. In Deirdre’s team, where no one knows each other’s true motives, there are only two things that are certain: no one wants to miss out on the money that the lucrative job brings in, and everyone is willing to kill for it…

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