Meet The Collectors #009 – Mike Smith

Welcome to another in our Meet The Collectors series. Today it’s the turn of Mike Smith to tell us all about his interest in steelbooks.

How did you first get into steelbook collecting, and what was your first purchase?

My first purchase was the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man Trilogy Steelbook. At that time I didn’t even know what a steelbook was. I was hooked ever since. The Zavvi Disney steelbook collection also played a big part in hooking me in.

My first purchase of anything Movie or TV show related was probably the Gremlins box set (DVD). I’m not quite old enough to have purchased any VHS’s myself but my parents got me the Disney movies when I was young, yes including Song of the South; witch I still like. I’ve only been collecting steelbooks for about 2 years but its growing quite rapidly and quite frankly, its getting a-little out of control.

I’d like to own more game steelbooks but sadly PC games don’t get much treatment, I don’t like collectors editions of stuff that come bundled with a statue or some other useless objects; but I think I’m on my own on that. It’s a good time to be collecting really as Blu-ray is probably going to be the last physical format.

I feel for the guys who grew to see there DVD, VHS or even Lazer Disc collection go out of date and I hope it doesn’t happen to me. 4K is the new kid on the block now but I doubt they will come out so frequently, maybe I’ll just go backwards and start collecting film…

Do you have a favourite steelbook in your collection?

Definitely 100% Black Swan. It’s a great movie, great picture and great artwork. Another favourite of mine (although it isn’t a steelbook) is the Wicker Man wooden case/box. Its not too rare but its one of a kind and fits with the movie brilliantly.

Would you ever buy a steelbook just for the art, if you didn’t like the movie?

Its never happened before and I doubt it ever will. Why would you give a bad movie money?

Conversely, would you buy a steelbook of a movie you love even if you hate the art?

Never, I loved Captain Phillips but the steelbook is uninspired at best. The reason steelbooks are so good and in my opinion better than digibooks is the art. Why people would give a steelbook publisher money for a bad product intentionally is beyond me. I admire Zavvi for delaying the American psycho steelbook instead of pushing it forward and it being crap.

What movie that doesn’t currently have a steelbook really deserves one?

Well I’m still waiting for Lillo and Stitch on steelbook but I’m sure Zavvi is just prolonging that to troll us. As a huge classic horror fan, I’m hoping for the Universal Monsters to get some steelbooks. Creature from the Black Lagoon got one amazing steelbook but it might not have sold well or something as they didn’t continue that collection. Schindler’s List is another that jumps to mind, they released a 20th Anniversary Limited Edition digibook witch was fantastic but I would have liked a nice arty-farty steelbook.

Do you store your collection neatly away, or is it all proudly on display?

At the moment of typing, they are mostly neatly away due to space issues. When I move into my own flat they will be on display. Proudly.

Is there anything else you collect?

I collect Lego Mini-figures. I also have a game collection however PC games are going all digital so I think that is mostly finished sadly, Unless a steam collection counts. I’m also a huge fan of the song of ice and fire books and TV show, so I have quite a lot of game of thrones tat lying around.

I’d love get a nice book collection but I find it much easier to read from a lit-up screen than off paper so, regrettably I cannot justify it.

Thanks to Mike for that!

As ever, if you’d like to be featured in a future article, please get in touch here.

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