Meet The Collectors #004 – Harry Alliss

Welcome to the next in our Meet The Collectors series, where we let you talk about your passion for movies and steelbooks.

This time, Harry Alliss gives us the low down.

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Over to Harry…
How did you first get into steelbook collecting, and what was your first purchase?

I first got into steelbook collecting when I saw Zavvi advertising the Age of Ultron steelbook on twitter and I was intrigued by it and that along with the Whiplash steelbook was my first purchase.

Do you have a favourite steelbook in your collection?

In my collection i’d probably say my favourite steelbook is the lenticular Avengers Assemble as it just looks quite cool wherever it is.

Would you ever buy a steelbook just for the art, if you didn’t like the movie? Conversely, would you buy a steelbook of a movie you love even if you hate the art?

I probably wouldn’t buy a steelbook just for the art if I didn’t like the movie, conversely I wouldn’t buy a movie I love if the art was bad. I think the Star wars steelbooks’ are a prime example of that.

What movie that doesn’t currently have a steelbook really deserves one?

There are a fair few movies I think deserve a steelbook. One is the 1983 best picture Amadeus, another is the Ides of March, watchmen, and finally I’m not sure if this has one already but Inception would be pretty cool.

Do you store your collection neatly away, or is it all proudly on display?

My collection is stored away neatly but not so stored that I can’t show it off to friends who like film as much as me.

What do you family and friends think of your collection?

My friends really like my collection as they feel it makes some cool movies seem even better no that they are in these limited edition cases.

Thanks to Harry for getting in touch, we’ll have more collectors’ stories again soon!

If you’d like to be featured in a future article, please get in touch here.

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