Op-Ed – A reader writes in support of catalogue Steelbook releases

Yesterday we posted a couple of articles from readers (here and here) that bemoaned that high number of older titles being released onto the market, many of which offer nothing to little in the way of new on-disc features, but still command a high price premium over their regular releases.

While this may be a concern for us UK fans, what about those in countries where steelbook releases are less common, or at least more limited to new titles?

U.S. reader Michael Beaule shares his thoughts…

As a steel book collector in The U.S., I for one have no issue with older titles being released. Steelbooks are released quite sparingly in America. Collectors like myself have to rely on overseas sites like Zavvi to stock our collections. Otherwise, we are gouged by the likes of eBay or Amazon sellers.

You may feel the release of older titles is a waste of time. That is a subjective opinion. Yes, some treatments are better than others, but as consumers we should decide personally what we desire to purchase. Not everything released will to everyone’s approval… Oh well.

I am a fan of older and current films and look forward to many future releases. If I cannot afford them and/or risk a sell out at that time because of the number of releases? Again, oh well.

Collecting is never easy regardless the “item of choice”. Its the price we pay for our involvement. I just do the best I can.

Share your thoughts below, or email us directly if you have more to say!

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