Smash hit sequel “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” is getting a 3D Collectors Edition release in October

Back when Star Wars: The Force Awakens first hit home video, Lucasfilm/Disney promised a 3D release would follow, and now it’s coming on October 31st

Pre-orders are live right now from all good – and evil – retailers.

The set comes with a bunch of new extra features, including an audio commentary from director JJ Abrams

Pre-order: Zoom | Zavvi | HMV | Amazon UK

Visionary director J.J. Abrams brings to life the motion picture event of a generation. As Kylo Ren and the sinister First Order rise from the ashes of the Empire, Luke Skywalker is missing when the galaxy needs him most. It’s up to Rey, a desert scavenger, and Finn, a defecting stormtrooper, to join forces with Han Solo and Chewbacca in a desperate search for the one hope of restoring peace to the galaxy.


  • NEW – Play Movie With Audio Commentary By Director J.J. Abrams
  • Secrets Of The Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey
  • The Story Awakens: The Table Read
  • Crafting Creatures
  • Building BB-8
  • Blueprint of a Battle: The Snow Fight
  • ILM: The Visual Magic Of The Force
  • John Williams: The Seventh Symphony
  • ADDITIONAL – Deleted Scenes
  • Force For Change
  • NEW – Foley: A Sonic Tale
  • NEW – Sounds Of The Resistance
  • NEW – Dressing The Galaxy
  • NEW – The Scavenger & The Stormtrooper: A Conversation With Daisy Ridley And John Boyega
  • NEW – Inside The Armory




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30 Responses

  1. @zavvi @zoom YAAAAYYY been waiting for this!!!

  2. Carl says:

    Any news if it’s gonna get a steelbook release???

  3. Simon says:

    Already own the 2D steelbook, but doesn’t matter, looks awesome 🙂

    Ordered from Zoom!

    The less I deal with Zavvi in the future the better 🙂

    • Peter Johnston says:

      I’ll have to get this as well.. What sort of problems have you had dealing with zavvi?

    • Jai says:

      I second your Zavvi comments – I’ve had problem after problem with them myself. Had a couple of steelbooks arrive damaged and emailed asking for a replacement. They asked for pictures of the damage, which I provided then offered a 15% refund as “a gesture of goodwill.”

  4. Marcus Persson varför kommer det en sån här då ?

  5. Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

    Any news on a potential Steel for this edition?

  6. Already got the steel ill pass

  7. Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm. No Digital HD included in UK releases but they get them in America. Wonder why we don’t.

  8. what about a steel book to go along with original 6 films?? #MayTheForceBeWithYou

  9. Carl says:

    Also on they are listing it as a four disc, but on the uk sites only a three disc?? Why???

  10. stuverine says:

    This looks like a cheap and lazy cardboard packaging release,I’m pretty sure a 3d steelbook release was mentioned earlier in the year,going to give this a miss,looks too tacky

  11. THGhost says:

    I’m assuming this comes with a 2D disc as well?

  12. Stuart says:

    Packaging Looks crap

  13. I’m glad I waited. It might not be a steelbook, but I need to have that movie in 3D, along with extra features make this a must buy.

    • you know the movie was filmed in 2D, right?

    • Yes of course I know that. All movies are filmed in 2D these days as the cameras are still too big but the post conversion process has got much better. I seen The Force Awakens in 3D at the cinema and I loved it. The space battles where especially good. 3D at home is usually even better quality so that’s why I am really looking forward to getting the 3D Bluray.

  14. Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

    Still no trailers or TV spots on actual disc?

  15. Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

    I c Amazon whilst they dont have this listed have a skeleton entry for Phantom Menace 3D which was not a good conversion. The rumourmill also reports the prequels are coming to 3D Blu-ray later this yr. Personally i think 3D had its day and isnt even a feature for any new 4K UHD disc technology.

  16. Just taken the piss out of the fans how many version of the film are they going to release I have got it on steelbook already and I won’t buy it on 3D as I think 3D is a waste of money.

  17. I don’t care much for crappy cardboard packaging,I’ll be giving this a miss

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