Taken 2 UK steelbook coming to HMV

Once again HMV have landed a UK steelbook release, and this time it’s the Liam Neeson action movie Taken 2.

The original movie was a mid-budget surprise hit, and pretty well reviewed, but while the sequel had a big opening weekend, it faired less well in critical terms, with complaints over the repetative plot and heavy cuts made by the distributor (NOT forced on them by the BBFC) purely to receive a lower – and more lucrative – rating.

Some of that may be rectified here, as this disc apparently contains an extended cut of the movie, which hopefully be at a higher rating. We’ll know for sure when the disc is released on the 4th February.

Anyway, hi resolution artwork isn’t yet available, but here are the listed extras, pre-order link and trailer:

  • Extended and Theatrical Feature
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Alternate Ending
  • Black Ops Field Manual
  • Sam’s Tools of the Trade
  • FX Movie Channel Presents In Character with Liam Neeson

Pre-order: HMV.co.uk

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