PRE-ORDERS LIVE NOON SUNDAY 12TH APRIL – Eli Roth’s incredible debut “Cabin Fever” is coming to Steelbook from Zavvi in April

Eli Roth burst onto the horror scene with Cabin Fever, and on April 27th you’ll be able to pick Zavvi’s exclusive steelbook of the movie.

Pre-orders will be live around noon on April 12th (so ignore the’sold out’ button for now).

Pre-order: Zavvi

As a last hurrah after college, friends Jeff, Karen, Paul, Mercy and Bert embark on a vacation deep into the mountains. With the top down and the music up, they drive to a remote cabin to enjoy their last days of decadence before entering the working world. Then somebody gets sick.

Karen’s skin starts to bubble and burn as something grows inside her, tunneling beneath her flesh. As they debate about how to save her, they look at one another and realize that any one of them could also have it. What began as a struggle against the disease soon turns into a battle against friends, as the fear of contagion drives them to turn on each other…



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