Got something to say about Steelbooks? Tell us, and we’ll tell the world!

Do you have something to say about steelbooks?

Maybe you want more releases in your country, or maybe less! Are prices too high, artwork not good enough, the wrong movies getting chosen?

Or maybe you want to show off you collection, or talk about your personal favourites.

Sometimes 140 characters on Twitter just isn’t enough, so we’re opening up an ‘Op/Ed’ section of the site to let you vent, rant, praise or brag about all things steelbook.

Simply email your thoughts here, and we’ll get them online for all to see!

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2 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    I commented on this before and it was taken down but Zavvi state limited edition exclusive steelbooks when many are available elsewhere e.g. – perhaps they should state UK exclusive.

    Even worse, their recent Seven samurai which was sold as an exclusive less than a year ago is now being re-released and available everywhere and clearly this is an outright fraud and against the trade descriptions act. Whenever one complains they either give an answer to a completely different question or a non-answer which solves nothing and certainly never any offer of recompense for miss-selling in the first place.

    • admin says:

      Some valid points.

      In terms of country exclusives, Zavvi aren’t the only ones who don’t specify UK exclusives – Entertainment Store, HMV and Amazon also aren’t specific. The same goes for overseas retailers – I don’t think I’ve ever seen or Target in the US, for example, specify that the word ‘exclusive’ only applies to their respective countries. Perhaps they credit their customers with a bit of intelligence that they might figure that out for themselves…

      As for Zavvi exclusives becoming available elsewhere, perhaps your complaint should be directed to the studios in question, as they are the ones who decide where titles are sold.

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