HMV have a new discount offer on their UK exclusive “Harry Potter” Steelbook range

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HMV have added a new offer price to their range of Harry Potter steelbooks.

While the individual titles are still £19.99 each, you can now buy them in sets of 1-4 and 5-8 for £60 each, a saving of £40 if you buy all 8.

If you’ve already ordered, don’t worry – you’ll automatically get the difference back at the time of release.

Check out the links to order, and the check out additional artwork details.










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5 Responses

  1. oNATE76o oNATE76o says:

    I’ll wait till they hit the sales shelf.

  2. @hmvtweets will there be a link to the sets or do you just order them all and it’s auto done?

  3. Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

    How does the discount work, is there a code as says £19.99 but no mention of offer i can see. Still think its pricey for not new movies at £120 for 8 which is £15 each which is more than typical chart price of new major blu-rays (£12-15). Not sure if u have any means to feedback to HMV? They should have an even better price if one buys all 8.

  4. Mike Traylen Mike Traylen says:

    When you put 1-4 and 5-8 separately in the basket it comes up with the total price knocking £5 off each steelbook.

  5. @hmvtweets what’s the region code?

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