Men In Black Trilogy at in some very nice, exclusive steelbook packaging

Men In Black Trilogy Steelbook

Once again, have an exclusive steelbook Blu-ray, and this time it’s the smash hit Men In Black trilogy.

Check out the case art and order link below:

Men In Black: They are the best kept secret in the Universe. Working for a highly-funded yet unofficial government agency, ‘K’ (Tommy Lee Jones) and ‘J’ (Will Smith) are the MEN IN BLACK, providers of immigration services and regulators of all things alien on earth. They are your best, last and only line of defence. They work in secret and dress in black… they are the MEN IN BLACK – protecting the earth from the scum of the Universe…

Men In Black II: Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are back in black as the scum-fighting super-agents Kay and Jay – regulators of all things alien on planet Earth. Their latest mission: to save the world from a total intergalactic disaster! When a renegade Kylothian monster disguised as a lingerie model threatens the survival of the human race, the boys of the MIB get the call to step up and get busy. With their headquarters under siege and time running out, Agents Kay and Jay enlist the help of Frank the Pug and a posse of hard-living worms to help them kick some seriously sexy alien butt!

Men In Black III: Agent Jay travels back in time to 1969, where he teams up with a younger version of Agent Kay to stop an evil alien from destroying the future.

Order Link: Men In Black trilogy exclusive steelbook

Men In Black Trilogy Steelbook

Men In Black Trilogy Steelbook

Men In Black Trilogy Steelbook

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