Pixar’s “Brave” coming to UK Steelbook from Zavvi in April

Zavvi are adding another title to their exclusive Pixar steelbook collection with Brave, due for release on April 7th.

We’re expecting pre-orders to be live around 6pm UK time on on Feb 1st (ignore the ‘sold out’ button currently on the listing). The release will include 3D and 2D versions of the movie, and a good selection of extras, which you can see below:

Pre-order: Zavvi

Extra Features:

  • La Luna
  • The Legend Of Mordu
  • Brave Old World
  • Merida & Elinor
  • Bears
  • Brawl In The Hall
  • Wonder Moss
  • Magic
  • Clan Pixar
  • Once Upon A Scene
  • Extended Scenes
  • Audio Commentary

brave_1 brave_2 brave_3 brave_4 brave_5

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