Reminder – Xbox One launches this week!

xbox_one_1We’re taking a little diversion from all things Steelbook.

This weeks sees the launch of the Xbox One, Microsoft’s next-gen console that aims not just to be the best games console available, but a true central entertainment hub. The perfect way to watch your Steelbooks!

Read on for the pre-order links, more details and the unveil video.

Order: Zavvi
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The hardware specs are impressive, and include:

  • 8-core custom processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 512GB Hard Drive
  • Blu-ray drive (at last!)
  • HDMI passthrough, with 1080p and 4K support
  • USB 3.0
  • 1Gbps LAN
  • 802.11n WiFi
  • Kinect v2 bundled

It’s the software and Xbox ‘experience’ where MS appear to have pulled out all the stops though:

  • A single all-in-one device for ultimate entertainment, with simple, instant, and complete features
  • A new generation of gaming like you’ve never seen before, with revamped Xbox LIVE, truly intelligent TV, voice command and updated Kinect Sensor and controller
  • Passion for gaming applied to entire TV experience
  • Personal home screen that remembers what you were last doing
  • Instant switching from game to TV to music using simple voice commands
  • Snap mode allows you to run multiple programmes alongside one another without shutting any of those programmes down
  • Skype with your family and friends with the best living room camera available
  • Find, discover and watch TV with the XBOX One guide and voice commands
  • Three operating systems in one




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