Say hello to 2024 with a truly epic new episode of The Culture Trumpet podcast

It’s 2024, so what better time to look back at 2023, in this epic length special episode.

We talk about our movie and TV highlights and lowlights of last year, and look forward to 2024.

Depite running almost 3 hours, and imposing limits on waffling time, there’s still a ton of stuff we’ve no doubt missed out. Oh well.

You can skip to the content starting at the following times:

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:48 – Quick News Recap
  • 07:28 – 2023 Movies
  • 40:45 – 2023 TV/Streaming
  • 01:56:18 – The cost and value of streaming services
  • 02:02:52 – Looking forward to 2024
  • 02:41:11 – Roundup & Outro

Caution – episode contains fruity language.

Caution – episode contains occasional fruity language.

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