Spy thriller “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit” get a UK Steelbook with an Entertainment Store exclusive release in June

The latest attempt to reboot the Jack Ryan franchise only met with moderate box office and critical success, but with Star Trek’s Chris Pine in the lead role and Kenneth Branagh performing double duties as both director and on-screen bad guy, Jack Ryan: Shadow recruit is still a decent action thriller.

June 2nd sees the movie’s UK Blu-ray release, and Entertainment Store have picked up the exclusive Steelbook release, with a 1000 copy limited edtion.

Unfortunately this is a pretty expensive release, and seems to show that Paramount are continuing their trend – following orld War Z and Anchorman 2 – of charging frankly silly money for the steelbook premium. Yes it’s Entertainment Store setting the retail price, but the studio’s cost price is undoubtedly a factor. Paramount are in danger of ‘doing a Dsiney’ as far as their steelbooks go, which is a shame.

Check out the the pre-order link and artwork below:

Pre-order: Entertainment Store




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11 Responses

  1. Steve Woods says:

    Ordered a copy but I agree that the price is pretty expensive.

  2. paul says:

    Does anyone know if Entertainment Store ship to the states?

  3. Andy Davies says:

    looks like this has gone as no longer on site. Im fed up with these ultra ltd editions as all ebay sharks buy multiple copies and then sell at rip off prices on eBay. wish zavvi would put a limit and also do cross customer/postcode/card check like some other sites do. just annoys us collectors that just want to get one copy even if already overly expensive.

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