PRE-ORDERS LIVE – JJ Abrams’ first “Star Trek” movie is getting a new, ultra limited Steelbook exclusive from Zavvi in March

Star Trek fans set wallets to fire! Erm, anyway, JJ Abrams’ first outing on the USS Enterprise, aka Star Trek XI, is getting a new ultra limited, 1000 copy steelbook release on March 31st.

Pre-order: Zavvi






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9 Responses

  1. M. Gibson says:

    Is this a joke…I would not buy this if it was only £2.99
    I like a bit of artwork on my steelbook, not just a big head.
    Come on…Put some thought into it please.

  2. yardman says:

    amazon germany are selling exactly the same steelbook and cheaper,
    ive even contacted zavvi and asked why are you calling this an ex
    and they say it is different but i dont see it..

    • admin says:

      The ‘exclusive’ label usually relates to the retailer’s country. This is common practice around the world, so not really that big a deal.

      As for the price difference, personally I would point the finger at Paramount on this one. Their recent releases of new movies via Entertainment Store – World War Z, Anchorman 2, Jack Ryan, have all been very expensive. Seems they are doing the same on older titles.

      As for any differences between this and the German one – your guess is as good as mine!

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