“Star Trek Into Darkness” could be getting a UK exclusive Steelbook from HMV

When HMV faced collapse at the start of this year, the UK lost one of its leading Steelbook retailers.

One of the the biggest releases affected was Skyfall, which Amazon UK then thankfully picked up, and they have since released a couple more exclusives. Zavvi have also made a huge Steelbook push over the last few months, with a growing range of new and catalogue exclusives.

Now it looks like HMV are looking to get back into Steelbook game, with rumours suggesting that they have set their sights on the UK exclusive release of Star Trek Into Darkness.

Currently you can’t buy via HMV’s website, though they do promise that a new site will be launching soon – and what better way to re-launch their online sales than with what will surely be one of the biggest steelbook releases of the year?

On the other hand, if it remains in-store only, good luck finding one near you!

Don’t forget, the French Collectors Edition release, which includes a Steelbook and phaser prop replica.

Thanks to reader Sam Weston for the heads up, and we’ll let you know if this rumour is confirmed!

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