The “Back to The Future” trilogy is getting a Limited Collectors Edition 4K Steelbook boxset from Amazon UK

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On December 7th, Amazon UK are bringing us this fully loaded Back to The Future boxset. In addition to the three steelbooks also found in Zavvi’s very limited release, this one includes a load of in-box goodies, all detailed below.

It’s not clear if this is already sold out or not, or if it will be live (again?) soon, so keep an eye on the page below.

Thanks to reader Mark Billing for the heads-up!

Pre-order: Amazon UK (not live at the time of writing)

Experience one of the most popular movie series of all time like never before with Back to the Future: The Ultimate Trilogy ! Join Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) and a time traveling DeLorean for the adventure of a lifetime as they travel to the past, present and future, setting off a time-shattering chain reaction that disrupts the space-time continuum! From filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale, this unforgettable collection features hours of bonus features and is an unrivalled trilogy that stands the test of time.


  • Continuity Script Excerpt with an Introduction by Bob Gale
  • Gray’s Sports Almanac Replica
  • Trilogy Chronology Poster
  • 2 x Lenticular Cards
  • DeLorean Blueprint
  • 1885 Clocktower photograph
  • Fridge Magnet
  • Gibson Guitar Pick


  • The Hollywood Museum Goes Back To The Future
  • Back To The Future: The Musical – Behind The Scenes
  • An Alternate Future: Lost Audition Tapes
  • Could You Survive The Movies? Back To The Future


  • Tales From The Future: 6-Part Documentary
  • The Physics of Back To The Future
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Michael J. Fox Q&A
  • 8 Archival Featurettes
  • Behind The Scenes Footage
  • Music Videos
  • Audio Commentaries
  • Back To The Future: The Ride
  • Doc Brown Saves The World! (Short Film)
  • OUTATIME: Restoring the DeLorean
  • And Much More!

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29 Responses

  1. Like with zavvi, already sold out ? they’re not giving us a chance.

  2. Dan Hortop Dan Hortop says:

    Steelbook Blu Ray News says it’s sold out or hasn’t it gone live yet?

  3. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    It’s bollocks of it has sold out. Too many scalpers had the zavvi ones on eBay within an hour of it going on sale.

  4. Hasn’t gone live I believe

  5. Not sure how much this will cost, but I’d definitely cancel my Zavvi order if I manage to snag this

    I’m expecting it to be over £100

  6. According to HiDefNinja it’s £90 which is a very good price. It’s out in December which moves one item out of mad September/October

    It also said it was live, but no one is sure if it sold out or not

  7. James Dodd James Dodd says:

    It was available for about 15-20 minutes then went again. Glad I managed to get one ??

  8. Tomasz says:

    Really!, Is this new toilet paper like madness now?
    OMG, what a shitty version of capitalism we are living in.
    If people are willing to buy let’s make more copies – problem solved.

  9. Wayne Lawton Wayne Lawton says:

    It will be sold out for now and was definitely live as I ordered one earlier. Better than the Zavvi set too.

  10. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    this is absolutely shit – I have been refreshing and not once has it said it was available – don’t know how others have been able to get it – I’ve sat here with it on screen all the time and nothing..

  11. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    there are currently 6 of the zavvi sets on ebay the cheapest at £140 – absolutely disgusting – lets hope they release more – like they did with star wars and let the scalpers eat shit.

    • Mark Cordell if people refuse to buy them the scalpers will have to lower their prices or cancel their orders

    • Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

      Stephen Weldon lets hope so – it happened with the recent Warhammer 40k box set – scalpers grabbed the majority – then GW released more and that shit on their little party. I get that some things are limited, but they really need to limit the number of items people can buy – there are those with the funds and those that make a business out of this who grab too many and spoil it for true collectors – anyone who says this is just sour grapes can do one – its the same mentality that saw us with shortages of bog roll and pasta some months back – greed

  12. But they don’t shipped to the USA ?? do you covid 19 ?

  13. Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

    So I chatted with an Amazon UK rep this afternoon and asked if they knew if this had already gone live, I played dumb as I know it has per above chat, and basically got nowhere, he said the website says not available, well I kind of know that lol, he said to add to my basket and check back but you cannot add to basket, all you can do is add to any of your own lists. I said could he check with the relevant department who market and put up new product and all he offered was an Amazon telephone number who were also clueless. So I guess we wait. They are bound to release more and probably just want to secure volume of stock first.

  14. Tomasz says:

    Hi Everyone,

    For those who are still interested in the steelbooks are back for preorder on AMAZON UK!

  15. SimonP says:

    As above , Amazon have the ultimate 4K collector’s edition back up for pre-order. (At time of writing). £90 though……. :-//

  16. Marc Jones Marc Jones says:

    Its available again for those who missed it 1st time

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