The DCEU’s latest entry “Wonder Woman” is getting a UK exclusive 3D & 2D Steelbook release from HMV

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Warner Bros’ DCEU movies have been a mixed bag so far, to say the least. While box office successes, Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Suicide Squad have hardly been critical successes.

That all looks like it’s about to change now, as Wonder Woman, one of the highlights of BvS, gets her own movie starring the fantastic Gal Gadot. Early reviews are almost all positive, which is a refreshing change for this series.

HMV have picked up the UK exclusive – no surprise there, given their Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad releases –
and pre-orders are live right now.

Final art and release date are still TBC.

Pre-order: HMV

Wonder Woman (hmv Exclusive) Limited Edition Steelbook Artwork TBC

Patty Jenkins directs this action adventure film starring Gal Gadot as the eponymous DC Comics superheroine. Raised on the island of Themyscira, young princess Diana (Gadot) has been trained in the fighting ways of her fellow Amazon warriors, despite the best wishes of her mother Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) who sought to shield her from combat. As she begins to learn the true extent of her powers, Diana and her fellow Amazons are thrust into battle when American pilot Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crash-lands just off the shores of Themyscira, pursued by the might of the Germany military. When Steve tells them about the First World War, raging across the world, Diana suspects the god of war Ares, whom Zeus has protected the Amazons from, has returned and sets off to London with Steve to put an end to the bloodshed of the Great War.

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26 Responses

  1. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    Given where she comes from, surely Amazon should have got this

  2. Zavvi seem to be losing out on quite a lot of the steelbooks lately. Are HMV just spending more to have the rights? I thought HMV mainly dealt with 20th Centurty FOX releases, but they’ve expanded to now have Warner Bros.

    • HMV have had the Warner releases for a while. Zavvi get Fox ones occasionally, such as the Alien 1-6 steelbook

      Given that Zavvi have Disney, which includes Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars, as well as a huge number of catalogue releases, I’m sure they don’t mind HMV getting Fox and Warner’s 🙂

  3. Andy Barbieri.. Here u go # hmv ??

  4. Preordered without even having seen the movie yet. Great reviews and HMVs DC steelbooks seem to sell out quick.

  5. Anyone knows why they don’t ship outside the UK ?

  6. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Funnily enough when I asked hmv on here whether they were getting it they didn’t know lol. 2 days and bam it’s up!! Ordered as a very good film and another for the comicbook movie collection

  7. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Good price as amazon are selling the normal version at moment for 26.99 which will go down I know but still makes it great price

  8. Shane Dale Shane Dale says:

    Any chance of it not having a 3d logo on it??

  9. I might get mine from Manta Lab as HMV doesn’t ship to the U.S.

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