The longer US cut of “The Shining” is finally getting a UK release as part of Warner’s Premium Collection, exclusively from HMV

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This isn’t a steelbook release, but it’s very exciting anyway.

Fans of Stanley Kubrick’s horror masterpiece will know that the US release of the movie is approx 30 minutes longer. This isn’t a Director’s Cut though, as Kubrick himself edited the film down for its international release following lacklustre reviews and box office in the States, and he preferred the shorter version.

Nevertheless, this longer version has previously not been released in the UK, but now, following a successful limited screening at the BFI in 2012 and Frighfest in 2014, we’re finally getting the longer version here, in this new Premium Collection release, part of a range available exclusively through HMV (Other titles include Gremlins, Little Shop of Horrors Director’s Cut, and more).

Pre-orders are live right now.

Pre-order: HMV

The Shining (hmv Exclusive) – The Premium Collection

The Premium Collection, revered films across all genres celebrated in a Premium package set containing the film on Blu-ray, DVD and a Digital Copy (via the Ultraviolet service) giving fans a must own version that allows them to watch however they choose. Each release also includes a collectible slipcase and 4 collectible artcards featuring the films key art and 3 lobby cards style stills.

The Shining: Extended Cut adding 25 mins of additional footage included in the US cinema release but cut from the original UK cinema release. Screened by the BFI in 2012 and at Frightfest in 2014 it’s never been released on DVD or Blu-ray in the UK.

Blu-ray contents:

  • Extended Feature film
  • Commentary by Garrett Brown and John Baxter
  • Vivian Kubrick’s “The Making of the Shining” w/optional commentary
  • View from the Outlook: Crafting the Shining
  • The Visions of Stanley Kubrick
  • Wendy Carlos, Composer
  • Trailer

DVD contents

  • Feature film
  • Vivian Kubrick’s “The Making of the Shining” w/optional commentary
  • Trailer


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16 Responses

  1. Chris Gibson Chris Gibson says:

    @hmvtweets how did I not know there’s an extended cut? Can’t wait now!

  2. Ben Clarke says:

    Roll on October 3rd.

  3. Ray Cole Ray Cole says:

    A nice release with some cool extras for us collectors. Not sure if I’ve seen this version but still a bonus.

    • steelbook admin says:

      yeah. This version has never been available in the UK before (not sure about other countries, but if they have had it then it will only have been recently), as the shorter, non-US, cut was Kubrick’s preferred version.

      I’ve had the US DVD for years, but this will at last be a proper upgrade for that – even the UK edition of the Kubrick Masterpiece collection didn’t have this version in it.

  4. David Hirst says:

    Having bought the dvd box set, 9 blu ray steelbooks and the Masterpiece collection (mainly for the documentaries) I can’t believe this hasn’t been available before on one of the many box sets that have been released over the years. And why do these re issues all start at Lolita ? where are the special editions of Paths of Glory, Fear and Desire and The Killing ? The Spartacus steelbook was superb and shows what can be done with old material.

    • steelbook admin says:

      Yeah I know – so long coming to the UK. Kubrick’s preferred version was the shorter one, so that’s why historically it was never released.

      All the US releases have had the longer cut, including the US version of the Masterpiece Collection.

      As for why they start at Lolita – that was the beginning of his relationship with Warner Bros, every film from then on was with them, or at least co-produced.

      Paths of Glory and Spartacus were both MGM I think (he replaced the original director of Spartacus after filming began, due to his relationship from Kirk Douglas from Paths of Glory). Paths of Glory has had a Region A-locked Criterion Collection release in the States, but nothing over here.

      Arrow have released a double bill of The Killing and Killer’s Kiss ( which is excellent.

      Fear and Desire was his first film, and there are stories of him trying to keep it out of distribution in the years since it’s release. However, it has had a UK Blu-ray release from Masters of Cinema, with a good selection of extras (including his first two films, a pair of documentaries) –

      So, all of his movies do seem to be covered as special editions, with docs, etc, but from various different labels.

  5. Jordan Brown Jordan Brown says:

    @hmvtweets This isn’t a steelbook? I could bloody well cry.

  6. Too bad there’s no OAR version.

  7. Saad Usmani Saad Usmani says:

    Is this going to be a steelbook?

  8. Karl says:

    Shame it doesn’t have the theatrical version on the blu-ray as well, allowing fans having their preferred choice.

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