The new monthly ZBOX promises goodies galore for comics and movie fans from Zavvi

Zavvi are launching a new product, the monthly ZBOX, which offers £45 worth of themed merchandise and goodies for £19.99

The themed monthly mystery box for fans of games, movies, cult TV, comic books and purveyors of all things popular culture. Each months box is strictly limited edition, with the launch box being limited to 1,000 only.

Zbox will feature a wide range of products every month that tie in to the monthly theme. This month’s box theme is “Justice” and will include loads of great gear from your favourite Pop Culture justice seekers. Value of the loot will always be £45+, plus some lucky boxes will be up-scaled to include loot worth £100+!

While a few other companies are already doing something similar, this is new territory for Zavvi, so it’ll be interesting to see how it takes off, and if the contents live up to the promise!

The first one will be live at 6pm today, so why not give it a go?

Order: Zavvi



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