The “Resident Evil” series is picking up a new set of Zavvi exclusive Project Pop Art releases in January

UPDATE – Zavvi have temporarily pulled pre-orders for these releases. We’ll update as soon as we know when they’ll be back.

Also, unfortunately we won’t be seeing the first movie in this collection, as the UK rights are with Fox, while the rest – and all Project PopArt releases – are from Sony.

With a new – and apparently final – movie out next year, the existing Resident Evil movies are getting the Project PopArt treatment, with a new series of awesome looking releases.



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15 Responses

  1. @zavvi we’re is the Steelbook for the first movie

  2. Paul stagg Paul stagg says:

    @zavvi no discount for the set?!? 🙁

  3. Liam says:

    For some reason my zaavi account isn’t showing these as available for preorder…. help anyone

  4. Daljit says:

    sold out in a day! I cant get one now!

    • steelbook admin says:

      not sold out – pre-orders have been pulled temporarily. as soon as we know when they’ll be back on we’ll update

  5. KsEngage says:

    My friend said have all the films. Is this true?

  6. Delboy1 says:

    I preorder these yesterday.. will i need to preorder again.. is the ones worth getting instead?.

  7. Simon says:

    I understand there’s a film rights issue not releasing the first film with this set, same as blade, but don’t see the point in either collection unless you can own the compete series.

    I’m hoping there will be a 6 film steelbook…. although the 5th film was complete pants. Haven’t seen the 6th yet. Not the kind of film I’d spend money on at the cinema, but will definitely be getting the complete film set on steel or boxset.

  8. TheBluCorner says:

    CDON (Denmark, Norway, Sweden & Finland) is getting both sets (both sets missing RE1, since theres never been any bluray rel with those subs on it) but they all just cost 15 dollars a piece and come out Jan 9, 2017 wayyyy ahead (and cheaper) of zavvi

  9. Michael Gurau says:

    Best Buy here in the US will have all as Pop Art, including 1st one. So just get the 1st one off ebay to complete the set.

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