UPDATE – Zavvi’s “American Psycho” steelbook exclusive is back on!

UPDATE – We’ve been told that, following a return of the distribution rights to Lionsgate, Zavvi have now returned to their plans to bring us an exclusive American Psycho steelbook. Woohoo!

The release was originally scrapped in early March due to the poor quality of the artwork that the rights holders at the time made available. It looks like Lionsgate will be able to help put together a “much better” release.

Look out for a release around September. As soon as we have more details we’ll let you know!

Original article:

Ultimately Zavvi are limited by materials made available by the rights holders, so they can’t necessarily use what might be considered the ‘best’ posters etc, but rather have what they are given.

The difficult decision was made to scrap the release, rather release it with artwork that would have disappointed.

This is a real shame, as I know from feedback that the prospect of an American Psycho steelbook got a lot of people very excited.

While many have rightly complained about the art of some of their previous releases, kudos to Zavvi this time for sticking to their guns and not just releasing whatever they were given.

This news comes to us from a very trusted at Zavvi, and for now it seems the release is dead, but if we hear anything else we’ll let you know!

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4 Responses

  1. David M says:

    Well done to the studio! Pretty much one of the most requested steelbooks of all time, and the studio badly let collectors down, with their stupidity.

  2. dean says:

    fair play, gutting though been checking this day in day out, would love to own this on steelbook

  3. dean says:

    yes yes yes yes yes thanks for the update

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