Checkout this incredible “Batman Begins” ultra limited edition OST coloured vinyl release

A little off topic, but this is a thing of beauty!

Due for release on June 30th, this two disc coloured vinyl OST re-issue is limited to just 1000 copies worldwide.

If you love movies, and appreciate fine vinyl releases, this one is for you.

You can place your order at the link below.

Pre-order: Zavvi




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10 Responses

  1. Martin says:

    Well thats sold it for me, zavvi now own this domain

    • admin says:

      Well aside from the fact (easily verifiable if you can be bothered) that Zavvi DON’T own this site, I suppose it’s easy to think that they MUST. I mean, it’s wall to wall Zavvi here isn’t it? Apart from all the mentions and links for Amazon (in various countries), Entertainment Store/, HMV, and others.

      Is there a higher proportion of links to Zavvi? Well yes, but that’s because they DO more in the UK than the others. If that bothers you then I suggest you contact the likes of Amazon and ask them to do more exclusives (you know, like the recent Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Days of Future Past limited editions that I linked to), and I’ll happily report on them. Oh, hang on, I do already.

      As for this particular item? I saw it, I liked it, and I thought my readers – film fans and collectors – would too.

      Zavvi happen to be selling it, so that’s where I linked to, but to be honest I couldn’t give two shits who sells something that I find interesting. You clearly do, so that’s fine – again, complain to the other retailers for not doing enough, not to me for linking to it.


  2. Martin says:

    Worry not oh fearless warrior of the keyboard clan. I am not complaining in anyway, I merely wished to express how the site seems to be impartial. However your explanation has settled this lack of judgement on my behalf. I to agree this is a Zavvi dominated market, and the information and links provided on this site are incredibly useful. But you have to understand my reasoning behind my concern, given the zavvi dominated advertising and green covered layout. Have you seen the designs for the proposed Amazing Spiderman 2 and X-Men Days of future past HMV exclusives yet? If so I would very much like to see what those concepts were like!


    • admin says:

      the green is an unfortunate coincidence, I agree. I’m going to be looking at some new layouts/colours over the next few weeks, so hopefully that should avoid any confusion.

      As for the banners – when I first set the site up, in my infinite wisdom I used a non-standard size for the banner space, which means that every time I want a banner for a specific item, I have to create it myself. To be honest it got to be a ball-ache, so for now I’ve just stuck in a couple of non-specific Zavvi ones. Again, that should improve when I get the changes made to the site.

      In all honesty, Zavvi HAVE been helpful on a couple of occasions – the exclusive interview they did, for example. They also stepped in and saved the day for my Alien steelbook contest by donating the 3 non-exclusive movies when my requests to a couple of other retailers and Fox themselves were totally ignored.

      They have also donated a couple of other exclusive titles as prizes as well, though I paid for shipping to the winners out of my own pocket.

      That said, I’m still happy to criticise where necessary. Are they releasing too many steelbooks? Quite possibly, though I guess if people didn’t buy them they’d soon scale that back. But the demand is undoubtedly there. The studios – especially Fox – are now really diving in with a huge number of releases.

      I also think that some of the choices for release are a little odd – the 2013 Texas Chainsaw for example. Hardly a classic. Though it seems that they have struck a deal with Lionsgate, so they are obviously picking from what’s available there. If they are with Lionsgate for some exclusives, then the Saw series would be nice…

      I’ve said before that I do think they need to have some clear limits on how many copies a customer can buy – too many are turning up on eBay at inflated prices. I honestly can’t see why anyone would legitimately need more than two copies. It’s frustrating for genuine fans who just want a single copy, especially on those ultra limited releases.

      Prices are a sore point, though I understand a lot of that is down to studio cost prices, so there may not be a massive amount they can do about that. Again, if people don’t buy them message will get across.

  3. Martin says:

    *less impartial, sorry

  4. Martin says:

    Maybe not too many releases, after all variety is the spice of life. Too many released on the same date draining my account, that’s a personal problem lol. The quality though seems to be lacking in an increasing number of cases, but that’s mainly the mass marketed steelbook in my opinion, not the exclusives.I think also they’ve been clamping down on bulk buyers recently, I believe it was three times they managed to re stock V for Vendetta, I managed to grab one on the third try. Are you doing another voting thread soon? It appeared that your forum was really looked at in terms of top 10 most wanted, and we really need a Dredd steelbook in the UK lol.

    • admin says:

      Some of the non-exclusive titles are questionable (though that may just be my taste). I do like some of the artwork on the recent Fox releases – Rocky Horror and Legend are fantastic – but some are just a bit ‘meh’.

      I managed to get Vendetta ordered first time round, but it did sell out very fast. Good to hear that it sounds like bulk buying is being clamped down on – long over due.

      As far as voting – if you can think of a discussion point I’m open suggestions! And I agree about Dredd!

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