Grab some ‘Black Friday’ Blu-ray box-set bargains deals from Zavvi!

Black Friday, that annual bargain frenzy in the USA (think of it as their Boxing Day sales), is slowly working its way to the UK, and Zavvi are getting in on the action.

Right now you can pick up a trio of bargain Blu-ray Box sets.

  • Prometheus to Alien: The Evolution – only £18.99. All 5 movies in the Alien Franchise, with hours and hours of extras, including documentaries, commentaries, deleted scenes, artwork and more
  • The Ultimate Bourne Collection – only £7.99. Catch the original Bourne trilogy and settle down for the best action thriller franchise of the last decade. Watch them all back to back for the best effect
  • LOST – The Complete Collection – only £34.99. All six seasons of the groundbreaking TV show, and my personal favourite US series. Plenty of extras fill in the story behind the characters and the production.

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