Some disappointing – BUT EXCITING – news about Arrow’s release of Joe Dante’s classic black comedy “The ‘Burbs”

Arrow have just announced that this release has been pushed back to August 25th. However – this one is DEFINATELY going to be worth the wait!

Over to Arrow:

We are very sorry to announce that the release date for The ‘Burbs will have to be pushed back to August 25th.

We have had to push the date back to August due to our work on the brand new restoration and also due to the fact that we are working hard on some brand new and exclusive extras.

The new restoration will be performed from original vault elements held by Universal and this will be carried out in participation with Joe Dante. Mr Dante is also helping us secure some very exclusive extra content which has never been seen before including deleted and alternate scenes. As we lock everything down we will be announcing the full specs closer to the time, which should ensure this is the definitive version of The ‘Burbs!

I don’t really think we can complain too much about that!

Read more in the original article below:

Genre godfather Joe Dante’s 80s classic The ‘Burbs, which also marked an early performance in the long career of Tom Hanks, is heading to UK steelbook on August 25th.

This release will feature plenty of extra features, some of which are still to be confirmed, but you can check out the rest below.

The list price is a bit on the steep side right now, but I’d expect it to drop quite a bit before release, so you can safely pre-order now and pay the lower price later.

Pre-order: Amazon UK | Zavvi

Extra Features:

  • Limited edition SteelBook packaging
  • High Definition digital transfer
  • Newly created exclusive content
  • Collector s booklet featuring new writing on the film, archive content and more!
  • More to be announced closer to the release date


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