Monday September 5th is another Marvel Day at Zavvi – Spider-Man trilogy steelbooks and more!

To celebrate the home video release of the smash hit Captain America: Civil War, Zavvi have holding another one of their popular Marvel Day events, packed withe the usual product launches, special offers and price drops.

The highlight will be the launch of pre-orders for their eagerly awaited Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy steelbook exclusives (going live around 9am, ignore the ‘sold out’ buttons before then), but there’s plenty more to check out as well.

Here’s a taster of what’s available, but REMEMBER – the event doesn’t OFFICIALLY launch until Monday at 9am, so not all of the offers may be live before then.

Marvel Day Homepage

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  1. Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

    Looking forward to the Spider-Man Steels. Any news on a discount if you order all three? Not ordering a Zbox to save a tenner.

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