Our Steelbook Reader Poll part 2 – the short-list is ready for your votes!

Now is your last change to vote in our poll, as we’ll be closing it on Monday!

We’ve made a couple of adjustments by removing the option for Kubrick and Miyazaki collections as it looks like we may be getting those anyway! Check here and here for more details on those.

Also, some potential good news for fans of the The Abyss. Director James Cameron is currently overseeing a new HD transfer of the movie for its 25th(!!!) anniversary next year. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that a Steelbook will be included in that release.

In the meantime, take a look at the shortlist below and place your votes!

We’ve mixed the most popular and most (in our opinion) interesting ones into this short (ish) list.

Now you can place your vote. We’re guessing you may find more than one title you want here, so you can select up to *3* to vote for.

Please remember, this poll is just for fun and to find out what titles you want to see – we can’t tell the studios what to do. However, we know that we get lots of visits from the people who make the decisions, so you you never know, someone out there may be listening, and we could see some new releases as a result!

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