Previously exclusive to HMV, the “Harry Potter” Steelbooks are now in stock – and cheaper – at Zavvi

Last year HMV brought us a nice looking series of Harry Potter steelbooks as an exclusive set.

They’re no longer available at HMV, but Zavvi have now got their hands on another batch, and they’re available to buy right now.


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8 Responses

  1. Louise Jolly Louise Jolly says:

    Nick – they’re making me want to spend money Nick!!!

  2. Matthew Dix Matthew Dix says:

    What a joke. “Previously exclusive to HMV” otherwise known as “making exclusives absolutely pointless”

  3. Nick Peace Nick Peace says:

    Those barstools!!

  4. Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

    Probably Warner reselling all of HMV and FOPPs returned overstock.

  5. Deji Ayeni Deji Ayeni says:

    Is there a chance of a 4K release before I pull the trigger ?

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