Sci-fi action classic “The Matrix” is getting a Zavvi UK exclusive Steelbook release in August

The classic sci-fi action hit The Matrix is coming to UK steelbook from Zavvi on August 3rd, along with the other two movies in the series, with each limited to just 2000 copies.

If you order all three and use the code ‘MATRIX’ at checkout you’ll get 10% off.

Pre-order: Zavvi

Zavvi Exclusive Steelbook – Limited to 2000 copies.

Keanu Reeves stars in an explosive sci-fi adventure about a man who comes to believe that his everyday world is the product of a computer-driven digital matrix that feeds on humans.


  • Feature-Length Documnetary THE MATRIX REVISITED
  • BEHIND THE MATRIX Documentary Gallery: 7 Featurettes
  • TAKE THE RED PILL Documentary Gallery: 2 Featurettes
  • FOLLOW THE WHITE RABBIT Documentary Gallery: 9 Featurettes
  • THE MUSIC REVISITED: 41-Track Audio Selection of nearly 3 hours of Music
  • Marilyn Manson ROCK IS DEAD Music Video






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