Sci-fi thriller “Minority Report” is getting a new UK Steelbook release from Zavvi in May

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May 21st sees the release of this new Zavvi exclusive steelbook edition of the excellent Minority Report.

At the time of the writing the price is still TBC, but we’ve been pre-orders are planned for around 6pm UK on Friday March 30th, so ignore the ‘sold out’ button for now, and we’ll keep you updated.

Pre-order: Zavvi

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2 Responses

  1. Simon says:

    Was tempted to replace my existing Steel of this title when I saw the front cover art, but what’s going on with the back cover art? Tom groping some guy from behind with an exhausted look on his face, the guy he’s groping with a look of either ecstasy or extreme pain on his face, Toms right hand in a questionable place, and flames coming out the rear end??

    Not sure that was a good choice for a rear cover shot……

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