The “Harry Potter” films are getting a new Steelbook release in France

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While HMV have their own UK exclusive release, the Harry Potter series is also getting a very nice looking set of steelbook editions in France.

It’s a shame that these appear to have printed lettering in French on them, but you can’t deny they look really good.

All eight movies will be release on September 1st, and they are all available to pre-order right now.










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8 Responses

  1. Ben Evans Ben Evans says:

    which are ALOT better looking, cheaper but the txt is in french?

  2. oNATE76o oNATE76o says:

    Holding off. Can’t see them selling out. Hopefully a price drop at some point. Too expensive currently.

  3. These are better than ours! They look awesome. Need the UK ones though.

  4. nice but hope that blue bar isn’t permanent!!

  5. 박성호 박성호 says:

    Leeseul Kwon 이건또뭐람 난리났네

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