PRE-ORDERS LIVE 6PM 28th NOVEMBER – The original Dolph Lundgren “The Punisher” is getting a great looking Steelbook release from Zavvi in February

While none of the three Punisher movies made so far have quite hit the mark, the original is by far the most off-target.

However, it does have its fans, and so Zavvi are bringing us a surprisingly good looking steelbook release on February 22nd.

Pre-orders will be live at 6pm UK time on November 29th, so you can ignore the ‘sold out’ button until then.

Also, if you pre-order this release, you can get £5 off the Zavvi steelbook edition of the 2004 version, available here.

Pre-order: Zavvi



The avenging angel of Marvel® Comics fame comes brilliantly to life in this searing action-adventure thriller! Dolph Lundgren stars as Frank Castle, a veteran cop who loses his entire family to a mafia car bomb. Only his ex-partner (Louis Gossett Jr.) believes Castle survived the blast to become THE PUNISHER… a shadowy, invincible fighter against evil who lives for total revenge on his mob enemies. Lashing out from a labyrinth of subterranean sewers, THE PUNISHER leads a heavily armed raid into a world of brital crime and savage retribution. A world where only one this is certain… the guilty will be punished.

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  1. Paul Radford says:

    Will you be annoucing the pre order date on here?

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