Timeless classic “Gone With The Wind” is getting an incredible US 75th Anniversary Edition release in September

Gone With The Wind, widely regarded as one of the finest movies ever made, is now 75 years old, and to celebrate Warner Bros are releasing this 4-Disc Anniversary Edition box set, featuring a host of on-disc and in-box extra features, on September 30th.

While the region code is lised as A, Aa is not confirmed, Warner releases are normally region free, and the last release of this movie was.

Pre-order: Amazon USA

Extra Features include:

  • Audio Commentary
  • 2 Blu-Rays and 1 DVD of bonus documentaries, including a 6 hour MGM Studios chronicle
  • Replica of Rhett Butler’s handkerchief
  • Music box paperweight playing Tara’s theme with an image on top of the Rhett-Scarlett kiss
  • 36-page companion booklet featuring a look at the immortal style of Gone with the Wind
  • The new special features include footage of Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh attending the original movie premiere in Atlanta and Old South/New South, a journey through today’s South, revisiting the real-life locations depicted to see how the world of the Old South continues to inform life in the New South’s cosmopolitan world

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