You can still order a copy of Zavvi’s ‘sold out’ “Avengers Assemble” Steelbook. If you don’t mind buying their latest ZBOX as well…

In a turn of events that will surprise no one, Zavvi’s exclusive Avengers Assemble steelbook sold out fast.

If you missed out, you can still get a copy, though there is a bit of a catch – you need to order their latest ‘undead’ ZBOX to be in with a chance.

Pre-order both together and you’ll save £3, though how much of a ‘saving’ that really is depends on if you were already planning on picking up a ZBOX anyway…

Anyway, if you want to take advantage of the deal, you can pre-order below:

Pre-order: Zavvi

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  1. Steve Hughes says:

    How can Avengers be sold out when you can still buy it with Zavvi’s zbox? I smell a rat!!!

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