Zavvi are bringing us a special “Best of The ZBOX” in September

If you haven’t yet been tempted to pick up one of Zavvi’s ZBOXes, this new Best of the ZBOX edition might be the one to try.

You’ll get a hand-picked selection of the best items found in previous boxes, with a combined retail value of £70, and limited to just 1000 units.

Pre-orders are live right now.

Pre-order: Zavvi

The Best Of ZBOX – What’s in it?

At ZBOX we thought we’d put together a very limited run of a collection of what we feel are our most awesome items from all our previous boxes! With a combined retail value of £70 this is a great introduction for all those new to ZBOX, or a great chance to get hold of missed items.


In a departure from the mystery format, it’s only fair to let you good people know what’s in this; as many will already have these cool pieces. Details as follows:

  • Exclusive Dredd Prop Replica Badge – Amazing quality replica with stand and pouch (retails at £30 alone!)
  • Exclusive Ghostbusters Staypuft Titan Vinyl Figure – A few were sold at San Diego Comic Con this year causing chaos in the isles!
  • Marvel Secret Wars #1 – Exclusive ZBOX variant comic – Our own version of the smash hit comic, unavailable elsewhere and featuring 4 classic Marvel characters.
  • Uncle Scrooge #1 Exclusive ZBOX variant – Disney comics are back through IDW!
  • Rivers Of London #1 Exclusive ZBOX variant comic – based on Ben Aaronovitch’s smash hit series of novels, Rivers Of London has been one of the most talked about comic debuts this year.
  • Stan Lee’s Superhumans Season 1 DVD – The series scours the globe for the real-life counterparts of Lee’s characters; people with unique genetic traits which translate into remarkable powers.
  • Mini Megaphone – Get someone’s attention, perhaps to tell them how fantastic The ZBOX is, with the mini megaphone keychain.
  • Exclusive Marvel Attax Collectors Tin – Exclusively designed tin to store all your favourite trading cards. (If you don’t collect cards, other uses are acceptable!)
  • Exclusive Marvel Ghostrider key chain – everyone’s favourite eternally dammed stunt bike rider gets to hang about near you keys for an eternity. The lucky blighter.
  • Ghostbusters postcard – Because no one wants to have their face rubbed in how awesome your holiday is – at least send this and cheer them up.

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