A bunch catalogue Steelbook releases are no longer Zoom exclusives

Zoom have hit the UK steelbook market hard, with a load of very nice exclusive releases, covering both new movies and old.

Now, the catalogue titles are no longer to be exclusives, which will be welcome to those who live outside the UK, beyond Zoom’s delivery area.

Zavvi are making all of these titles available to order on Saturday at 6pm UK time, so ignore the ‘sold out’ buttons for now.

They will be going live as ‘in stock’, with shipping expected to the begin by the middle of next week.





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5 Responses

  1. bowtyracr88 bowtyracr88 says:

    @zavvi Finally, the States will get to see them especially Hannibal!

  2. Robert Crews Robert Crews says:

    @zavvi how did they pull that 1 off then??

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