Classic horror satire “American Psycho” is getting a brilliant looking new 4K Steelbook release from Zavvi in July

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On July 13th, Zavvi are bringing us this awesome new steelbook release of the superb American Psycho, complete with a VERY nice slipcase and a Patrick Bateman business card.

Pre-orders are due to go live at Zavvi on Sunday May 3rd so ignore any ‘sold out’ notices before then.

They’ll be live around noon UK time for Red Carpet subscribers (though possibly earlier, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed, just in case…), and around 6pm for everyone else. Our Red Carpet links don’t work properly for some reason, so you may need to log in first, then click the link again. Once the Red Carpet period is up, the link will work fine.

Pre-order: Zavvi

The SteelBook contains a Patrick Bateman business card and comes in a beautifully designed slipcase.

It’s 1987 and Patrick Bateman is living the American dream. He has a great job, he’s handsome, he’s athletic and has the attention of many beautiful women. However, Patrick has a dark secret that he keeps hidden from those around him; Patrick is a psychopath. Dissatisfied with his charmed life, Patrick spends his evenings prowling the streets looking for victims; whether they are his business associates or strangers he meets in passing, he makes no distinction. Cultivating his serial killer persona as much as his yuppie lifestyle, the two sides of Patrick’s life soon begin to merge and he begins to wonder where one side of his life ends and the other begins.

Special Features:

  • Disc 1 – 4K Ultra HD (Movie + Special Features)
  • Disc 2 – Blu-Ray (Movie + Special Features)
    • THE ’80S: DOWNTOWN

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17 Responses

  1. already sold out!!!! 🙁

  2. Coco Faber Coco Faber says:

    Wished the black and white sleeve was the actual steel. ?

  3. Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

    So many Steels for films that already have Steels these days – at least this one comes with the slip and card!

  4. Carl Bentley Carl Bentley says:

    Wow, this will be a must

  5. Jesus! My poor wallet

    • Lyndon Cutting No for me mate . Love the book hate the movie

    • Michael Hunter i wasn’t a fan of the film to be honest, just thought I’d tag you just incase you were but hadn’t seen this, did you watch Ready player one, there bringing out a titans Steelbook of that as well

    • Lyndon Cutting . I haven’t seen Ready player one mate . To tell the truth I don’t really like modern movies that much . It’s all CGI and most modern action movies are directed by music video directors , who don’t know to direct action . Compare action movies like Die Hard & Predator , Both directed by John McTiernan . Every gun shot counts . You can see were the bullets are going to hit . And it all make sense . I know people like the John Wick movie …. But it’s just shoot, punch , kick , roll around on the floor and jump . Sure it’s fast and it’s action from start to finish .. But if you look at them , they are just massive dance routines .

  6. Man I haven’t bought a steelbook in a while, but I gotta get this! Love the slip!

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