CULTURE TRUMPET – A Christmas miracle! We’re back with a special episode of the Culture Trumpet podcast

We’re back, and just in time for Christmas, as we empty our bulging sack for your listening pleasure with our last episode of 2021

Apparently, culture is about more than movies and TV, so this week we drop the usual format to give you a deep dive into our musical tastes, in a episode in no way inspired by Desert Island Discs.

We pick our top 5 albums and/or single tracks to keep us company on a journey to very edge of our solar system. It’s a long journey, but fortunately we’re giving you banger after banger. Like your mum.

You can download or stream the episode right now:

And because we love you, we’ve also made the playlist available on Spotify so you can hear it for yourself.

Caution – episode contains occasional fruity language

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