Guy Ritchie’s hit crime caper “Snatch” is getting a new Zavvi exclusive 4K Steelbook release in May

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On may 31st you’ll be able to pick up this new 4K steelbook release of Snatch from Zavvi, which will also include Red Carpet exclusive slipcase edition.

Pre-orders for bother versions will be going live around 12 noon on Sunday March 28th, for Red Carpet subscribers (though possibly earlier, so keep an eye on our Twitter feed, just in case…), while the standard release will be live around 6pm for everyone, so ignore any ‘Sold Out’ notices before then. Our Red Carpet links don’t work properly for some reason, so you will need to log in first, then click the link below. Once the Red Carpet period is up, the link will work fine.


Guy Ritchie, writer/director of Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, delivers another awe-inspiring directorial masterpiece, SNATCH – an edgy and hilarious film about a diamond heist gone wrong, a colourful Irish gypsy-turned-prize fighter…and a very temperamental dog. In the heart of gangland, two novice unlicensed boxing promoters, Turkish (Jason Statham) and Tommy (Stephen Graham), get roped into organizing a rigged bare-knuckle fight with local kingpin/villain and fellow boxing promoter Brick Top (Alan Ford).

But all goes wrong when wildcard Irish gypsy boxer One Punch Mickey O’Neil (Brad Pitt) starts playing by his own rules, and the duo find themselves heading for a whole lot of trouble. Meanwhile, Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) and his stolen 86-carat diamond have gone missing in London. Head honcho Avi (Dennis Farina) hires local legend Bullet Tooth Tony (Vinnie Jones) to find them, launching everyone into a spiral of double-crossing vendettas and events, most of them illegal.

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8 Responses

  1. Damn! That artwork looks like shit! 💩

  2. John Kay John Kay says:

    Between that and the new American werewolf in london steelbook. The quality of steelbook artwork is getting really poor.

  3. David Hirst says:

    I will have to go for the slipcase version just to cover up the awful steelbook artwork

  4. Rob Bruce Rob Bruce says:

    Nope… looks dire

  5. Mark Cordell Mark Cordell says:

    Looks like they’re so focused on punting out these wannabe premiums with their slipcases, that they’re not looking at either the quality of the artwork nor the print and finish. Honestly I’d rather see the art from the slipcase one the steel and leave it at that. Even then it would be nothing special.

  6. Jonathan Blake Owsley

  7. Philip Noon Philip Noon says:

    Might wait to see if it’s worth a 4K upgrade first

  8. US retailers are, allegedly, getting the same steelbook. So it’s not so exclusive. LOL

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