How could your Friday get any better? Xtra-vision launching their new sale, that’s how!

So here I am, winding down for the weekend after a pretty busy few days at my real world job and here at Towers, when Xtra-vision only go and launch their big summer sale.

So, let’s have a look…

How do you fancy 2 for £12 on a ton of classic (and some slightly less classic) Blu-rays? BOOM! You’re welcome!

There’s nearly 1000 Blu-rays at £5.80, as well as some great prices on new DVDs, if that’s your thing. Fifty Shades of Grey for £6.99 on DVD? The saucy buggers.

Hang on what’s this? The Complete Battlestar Galactica for £44.99? That’s not bad!

Apparently children are our future, so you may as well treat them as well. They’ll only whine if you don’t.

There’s also music as well, including Ed Sheeran for just £6.99! At that price you’d be mad not buy it, just so you can throw it straight in the bin without feeling you’ve wasted any money!

Fill your granny full of disco biscuits and get her having it large and throwing some shapes with the Ministry of Sound sale.

Who likes gadgets? I do. I bloody love ’em. You know what I like more? Cheaper gadgets! Up to 50% Off Headphones, up to 40% Off Speakers, up to 30% Off Cameras and up to 25% Off kids Headsets.

According to Xtra-vision, many of their offers are the best deals in the UK. I’m not going to sit here and go through them all, but from what I can see they may well be right.

So, in summary – Bargains. Xtra-vision shit’em

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