If you missed any the first time round, the final few “Star Wars” 4K Steelbooks will all be back in limited numbers at Zavvi

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The 4K Star Wars steelbook series has proved very popular indeed, and now that all of the orders are out of the door – and the faulty Empire cases have been replaced – Zavvi will be making their final copies available.

All of these are limited numbers (some more so than others), while The Empire Strikes Back now features the newly corrected case, so get them while you can.

All should be live for everyone around 9am UK time on Wednesday November 25th, so ignore the ‘sold out’ notices until then.

Order: Zavvi

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20 Responses

  1. Graham Head Graham Head says:

    The only new hope I want is news that my Solo Steelbook is on it’s way!

    • Graham Head Mine didn’t arrive either. Been in touch with Zavvi and they are investigating as it seems a lot of them have gone ‘missing’.

    • Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

      Andrew M Haynes same here agree a lot are missing this, I suspect we have insider theft as happened with Jaws 4K.

    • Steve Gibson Steve Gibson says:

      Ahh i am not alone! Happened to me twice. Empire strikes back and sonic. At the end of the day Zavvi didnt give a monkees. You would think that they would hold a few copies back for those that go missing but they dont. Led me on a long path telling me to wait to see if it arrives only to tell me after about 2 weeks that it was out of stock. Hence I have cut right back on steelbooks.

    • Andy Davies After contacting them on Twitter, I received this email this morning

      I’m still waiting for Episode 9 so hope that doesn’t go missing

      I’m not sure whether to order another one if it comes back up, just to be on the safe side as they definitely won’t have any spare after tomorrow

    • Andy Davies Andy Davies says:

      Matthew Lenton good call might well do that, I am in conversation with them, first they ask confirm address, not with a neighbour etc etc so replied this morning and now await to hear from them on their ‘investigation’.

    • My Rogue One is missing

  2. Carl Bentley Carl Bentley says:

    The same, I got email to say it was posted over 2 weeks ago, but nothing, had all the others

  3. Chris Kirk Chris Kirk says:

    If youve not got Solo yet then contact them via their twitter customer service and explain. Alot of people havent had Solo turn up and have had to get replacements sent out

  4. Graham Head Mine didn’t arrive either. Been in touch with Zavvi and they are investigating as it seems a lot of them have gone ‘missing’.

  5. Graham Head Graham Head says:

    From what I gather, over 60 people are short of their order. I’m waiting for them to get back to me. Registered it as missing on 20th.

  6. Might just replace my attack of the Clones that was attacked with a box cutter. Fingers crossed my for my copy of Solo though 🀞

  7. D. Ian Evans D. Ian Evans says:

    Cliff Lewis = second chance! Follow this page πŸ‘πŸ½

  8. Dean says:

    Hey everyone! What does “corrected case” mean for Empire Strikes Back?

    • steelbook admin says:

      the original batch had a printing fault on the cases. that has now been corrected and the ones included in this re-launch have the new cases

  9. Andy Newton Andy Newton says:

    Brilliant. Selling them again as a “final few” yet Zavvi have failed to provide those (solo in particular) to those who bought them way back when. I am still waiting!

  10. Colin Ellis Colin Ellis says:

    …I’d rather you replied to my email about not receiving my “First Order” of Solo yet before you start reselling stock πŸ™

  11. Graham Reid Graham Reid says:

    It’s maddening to think that they have this stock in for Black Friday week and for a limited time when I and others have been getting messages back saying we can only get returns or a partial refund on damaged steels of these films that were sent. Extremely disappointing to see.

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