Oliver Stone’s “Alexander: The Ultimate Cut” getting a US 10th Anniversary Collectors Edition in June

Oliver Stone’s epic Alexander was not the box office hit he and studio Warner Bros hoped for, but that hasn’t stopped him tinkering with the movie since its original release.

We’ve already had a ‘Final Cut’ release, and now here come the Ultimate Cut. At 206 minutes it’s longer the original Theatrical Cut (also included here), though 8 minutes shorter than the Final Cut (which is not included in this release.

The movie arrives in some very nice packaging, and with plenty of extra features, and is released on June 3rd.

Pre-order: Amazon US

Extra Features:

  • 40-Page Art Book with Concept Drawings, Storyboards and Behind-the-Scenes Photos
  • Collectible Packaging
  • Correspondence Memos Between Oliver Stone and the Cast and Crew
  • New Documentary – The Real Alexander and the World He Made
  • The Ultimate Cut Commentary by Oliver Stone
  • Original Theatrical Version and Commentary
  • Sean Stone’s Feature-Length Documentary – Fight Against Time: Oliver Stone’s Alexander
  • Additional featurettes:
    • Resurrecting Alexander
    • Perfect Is the Enemy of Good
    • The Death of Alexander
    • Vangelis Scores Alexander



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