Sci-fi epic “Interstellar” is getting a German Steelbook release from Amazon in March

While the UK is getting a very fine looking DigiBook release of Interstellar, a steelbook release has yet to be confirmed.

Fortunately, other countries ARE getting steelbooks, and the German release looks like a good bet, with a 2 disc edition, and digital HD copy of the movie. In line with most (if not all) Warner releases, it shuold also be region free.

Pre-order: Amazon Germany

Bonus Disc Special features:

  • “The Science of Interstellar” special on the scientific aspects of the film (long version)
  • “Plotting year Interstellar Journey”: the genesis of the film, his influences and his narrative”
  • Life on Cooper’s Farm” from the farm to the space
  • “The Dust”: the film crew faced the storms sand
  • “TARS and CASE”: design and manufacture of the two robots from the film
  • “Cosmic Sounds”: the genesis of the music of Hans Zimmer
  • “The Space Suits”: creating and wearing overalls and helmets
  • “The Endurance” Nahan Crowley (resp. Deco) is visiting the imposing plateau ship Endurance
  • “Shooting in Iceland: Miller’s Planet / Mann’s Planet”: the film crew to Iceland for the creation of two new worlds
  • “The Ranger and the Lander”: focus on the other two ships of the film
  • “Miniatures in Space”: focus on the impressive models used in the docking sequence
  • “The Simulation of Zero-G” different ways to simulate zero gravity
  • “Celestial Landmarks”: using real scientific equations for creating believable special effects for space travel
  • “Across All Dimensions and Time” Tesseract concept and design, using a real scene rather than a green screen
  • “Final Thoughts”: actors and the film crew about their experiences on the film





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