Season 1 of Marvel’s “Daredevil” is getting a UK exclusive Steelbook release from Zavvi in October

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Zavvi are bringing us a very nice looking UK exclusive steelbook release on October 3rd, and pre-orders are live right now.

The title treatment and Daredevil silhouette will be embossed. Spot gloss will be used on sections of the front of the Steelbook and the Marvel logo on the back

Also available will be a deluxe edition, which will also include five Daredevil related bits of merch.

Pre-order Steelbook only: Zavvi
Pre-order Deluxe edition: Zavvi




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6 Responses

  1. Just Joe Just Joe says:

    @zavvi any news of Jessica Jones and daredevil season 2?

  2. £30!! Not at that price.

    • It’s not cheap, but on the other hand it’s cheaper than House of Cards Season 4 amaray release…. so not that bad considering its a steelbook

      • Chrisills says:

        Out of interest do you think prices like this are a result of new economic realities in the UK? Cost of imports? I presume they’re made outside the UK and brought in. Like Andrew, that price seems a bit high. Narcos season 1 (10 episodes) £22.99. Daredevil (13 episodes + steelbook) £7 extra. I’m also wondering if the deluxe edition with 5 daredevil items £15 extra so £3 each might offer better value? Guessing that 3 of those items could be a t-shirt, pop vinyl, graphic novel. So if you take 6 items in total at £8.33 each, might not be too bad.

        • steelbook admin says:

          It’s possible yes, but then look at House of Cards Season 4 – same price or more for an amaray release, and 10-12 episodes I think?

          It may be a Netflix show, but don’t forget this is still Marvel/Disney, and their prices are always higher.

          Zavvi, HMV, Amazon etc may be the retailer, but their sale price depends on the cost price from the studio. Disney/Pixar/Marvel are always high, as well as new movies from Paramount

  3. not seen it but from the Twitter world it’s had good reviews so taking the punt !!!

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