Second Sight are bringing us a standard edition of their stunning 4K release of “Dawn of The Dead” in March

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Following their fully loaded 7-disc releases last year (review here), as promised Second Sight are now set to bring us the standard 4K and Blu-ray editions of Dawn of The Dead.

Available in either 4K (3 x 4K region free movie discs & 1 x Region B locked Blu-ray extras disc) or Blu-ray (4 x Region B locked Blu-ray discs) editions, the standard edition drops the 3 audio CDs and two books, and is obviously a fair bit cheaper.

You can order direct from Second Sight, but be aware that payment will be taken straight away, and that they ship to the UK only. We’ll add more links as we get them.


Features (Discs 1-3 4K or Blu-ray):

  • Disc 1 – 4K or Blu-ray disc – Theatrical Cut
    • New 4K scan and restoration of the original camera negative
    • Commentary by George A Romero, Tom Savini and Christine Forrest
    • NEW commentary for Travis Crawford
  • Disc 2 – 4K or Blu-ray disc – Extended Cut
    • Produced using 4K scan of Theatrical Cut camera negative and 4k scan of Extended Cut interpositive
    • Commentary by Richard P Rubenstein
  • Disc 3 – 4K or Blu-ray disc – The Argento Cut
    • Produced using 4K scan of Theatrical Cut camera negative and 4k scan of Argento Cut interpositive
    • Commentary by Ken Foree, Scott Reiniger, Gaylen Ross and David Emge
  • Disc 4 – Blu-ray disc – Special Features
    • NEW – Zombies and Bikers documentary (59 mins)
    • NEW – Memories of Monroeville documentary (34 mins)
    • NEW – Raising the Dead documentary (23 mins)
    • NEW – The FX of Dawn documentary (13 mins)
    • NEW – Dummies! Dummies! interview (12 mins)
    • NEW – The Lost Romero Dawn Interview (20 mins)
    • Super 8 mall footage (13 mins)
    • Document of The Dead: Original Cut (66 mins)
    • Document of The Dead: The Definitive Cut (100 mins)
    • The Dead Will Walk 2014 Documentary (80 mins)
    • Trailers, TV and Radio Spots

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