Stephen Spielberg’s sci-fi hit “Ready Player One” is getting a great looking German 4K Steelbook

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While Warner UK are still – inexplicably – refusing to release 4K Steelbooks, their mainland European cousins have no such hang-ups, as can be seen with this very nice looking German 4K release.

The release date set for September 6th, and pre-orders are live now.

Pre-order: Amazon Germany

Steven Spielberg directs this sci-fi action adventure based on the novel by Ernest Cline and starring Tye Sheridan and Olivia Cooke. In the year 2045, most of the desolate world’s population spends its days in the virtual reality landscape of the OASIS, including teenager Wade Watts (Sheridan) and his avatar Parzival. The late creator of the OASIS, scientist James Halliday (Mark Rylance), has hidden an Easter egg somewhere in the vast construct and the first to find it will become the rightful heir to his $500-billion fortune and take full control of the OASIS. With the help of his friends, who call themselves the High Five, Wade races to find the hidden treasure before anyone else, including the CEO of Innovative Online Industries, Nolan Sorrento (Ben Mendelsohn) and his army of Sixers. The cast also includes Simon Pegg, T.J. Miller and Lena Waithe.

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9 Responses

  1. Jack Huitson Jack Huitson says:

    I hope we get a UK 4K Steelbook release too.

  2. That looks awesome ?? thank you

  3. Looks like an Irish Tri-Colour!

  4. Richard Lamar Hogan

  5. Hopefully this means a few Zavvi preorders are canceled as I have been very busy and forgot to actually go and properly preorder and it turns out its the first steelbook in ages to sell out within a day. Hopefully its just normal Zavvi and it comes back in stock nearer release.

  6. Ich finde das Cover einfach nur häßlich .. tut mir leid …

  7. Tolles Cover und bereits vorbestellt ?

  8. Tomasz says:

    A superb looking artwork.

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